For event managers
For your event, we will
  • Obtain official recognition by Customs of your event
  • Provide customs and transportation information for your exhibitor manuals
  • Provide competitive transportation quotes and make transportation arrangements to move your goods and/or your exhibitors goods to and from the event
  • Assist you and your exhibitors with document completion
  • Have a customs specialist on site or on call for the entire duration of your event
  • Facilitate on site customs clearance of goods
  • For items sold or given away at the event, we will consult with you on any applicable duties and taxes
  • Access our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without exception.

  • Contact the Mendelssohn Event Logistics sales team for a template and guidance to complete the customs recognition letter that officially registers your event
  • Once the letter is complete, forward it to us
  • Upon receipt of event recognition by Customs, we will assign a coordinator for your event
  • The coordinator will contact you and your exhibitors to ensure that all customs and transportation arrangements are in order.