For exhibitors
For your event, we will
  • Provide customs and transportation information, along with form and examples
  • Assist you with completion of customs and shipping forms
  • Trace inbound shipments to ensure correct delivery location and date
  • Arrange cartage of goods from airport to show site or advance warehouse
  • Have a customs specialist on site or on call for the duration of the event (move-in through move-out)
  • Customs clear your goods on site at the event
  • Facilitate customs clearance of goods sold at the event and consult on any applicable duties and taxes
  • Prepare outbound documentation and arrange customs clearance of your goods returning to the United States.

Tips for a successful event

Using a private vehicle? Know before you go!
If you are planning to drive your goods into Canada or use a private carrier, be aware that there is new U.S. legislation that may affect your ability to do so. Please contact us to find out what course of action you will need to take in order to avoid monetary penalties.

Use official suppliers
Official suppliers are working with event organizers and are kept up to date on schedule changes and other things that may affect your shipment. Also, official suppliers are usually granted special privileges such as priority move-in.

Do documents in advance
Complete customs documents and send them to us prior to shipping your goods. Send copies with your shipment and carry copies with you to the event.

Ensure you are entitled to duty-free U.S. return
Complete a Certificate of Registration Form 4455 and make sure that the carrier instructions are clearly marked on the Bill of Lading (see Certificate of Registration Form 4455 for details).

Know when and where to ship
Advance warehouses that accept shipments arriving prior to move in, are available for most events. We suggest that you utilize this service and ship goods to arrive at least seven days before move in. For advance warehouse information specific to your event, please contact your Mendelssohn event coordinator.

If you are using a carrier that will deliver directly to the show site, please ensure that you have provided them with the correct move in date and time. Items arriving at the show site prior to the scheduled move in can be refused. 
    Do not ship by mail or by parcel couriers. All shipments must be sent prepaid.

Provide tracking information
Provide your event coordinator with the name of your chosen carrier, their contact information, and your shipment tracking information. This information will help us to ensure that your shipment has arrived, and will be delivered on time.