Meet the Mend Team

"In everything we do, we help people lead healthier, happier lives. We do this by revolutionizing the way healthcare communicates— making it easier for everyone. Mend is the highest rated, most robust, easiest-to-use communication and engagement platform ever created." - The soul of Mend

Matt McBride, MBA

CEO, Co-founder

Brandon Worley

President, Co-founder

Jason Bristol


Nick DePriest


Warren Bates


Guru Mandavia


Paul Senzee

Senior Developer & Architect - Team Lead

Brandon Lassiter

Senior Software Engineer

Jessica Neyer
Jessica Neyer

VP of Strategy

Gregory Folk

VP of Success

Laury Garrett

Chief Information Security Officer

Ryan Rauch, VP of Marketing
Ryan Rauch

VP of Marketing

Jessica Hoffman

Director of Product Communication

Zach Firestone

Senior Developer & Architect

Rogelio Mendiola

Senior Developer

David Olson


Melissa Renaut


Gabriel Latorre

Lead QA Analyst

Melissa Pollard

Implementations Manager

Jenna Lord

Virtual Executive Assistant

J.D. McFarland

Solutions Architect

Edrick Reyes-Melendez

Customer Service Support Representative

Vince Seda

QA Analyst

John “Jack” Van Stone

Customer Service Support Representative

Vladimir Negron

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Wesley “Ryan” Gilreath

Software Engineer

Robert Talbott

Customer Success Manager

Steven Larson

Customer Success Manager

Tejal Shah

UX | UI Designer

Bich “Tina” Nguyen

Junior Software Engineer

Yonese Guerrier

Training Specialist

Sean Doyle

Junior Software Engineer

Benjamin “Ben” Amidon

Accounting Manager

maria torrente, Junior Software Engineer
Maria Torrente

Junior Software Engineer

John McFeely

Senior Enterprise Account Executive

Brooke Steffien

Junior Marketing Manager

Elyse Salpeter

Director of Ad Sales

Marie Stoudt

Manager of Support

Carolyn Bouwens

Live Chat Support Agent

Audrey Ann Blakely

Software Engineer

James Moran

Senior Software Engineer

Glenn Dolce

Director of Ad Sales

Madeline Johnson

Implementation Specialist

Zachary Goodrich

Tier 1 Support Representative

Emily Stearns

Marketing Development Representative

Denise Spencer

Tier 2 Support Representative

Natasha Cases

Account Executive 2

Michael Dillon

Demand Generation Manager

Harrison Reid

Live Chat Support Lead

Wendell Wolfe

Devops Architect

Amy Loynes

Implementation Specialist

Eric Hartman

Cyber Security Analyst

Ryan White

Customer Success Manager

Alexandria Dionne

Business Operations Analyst

Debbie Goodrich, Implementation Specialist
Debbie Goodrich

Implementation Specialist

Scott Skinner

Implementation specialist

Kevin Palmer

Junior Solutions Architect

Mike Soule


Phil Stracchino

Senior Database Architect

Jose Munoz Betanzos

Software Engineer

Josh Hoberman, Account Executive
Josh Hoberman

Account Executive